Figurine Paintings

I'm very intrigued with the element of paper. While fashioning paper for the pedestals, foregrounds, and backgrounds, I realized that any idea I have involving color, form, texture, and pattern, can be brought to fruition with this material alone. Torn, translucent, cut, or folded, it can take on any manipulation I come up with in any dimension. The more I construct with paper, the more I envision expanding these settings into greater and more elaborate maquettes from which I can paint.

Nate Ronniger’s love of design, color and packaging all find a home in his new paintings that are contemporary takes on the traditional still life genre. The stars of these paintings are toys that he places on top boxes he hand folds and then matches the colorful and brightly patterned foregrounds and backgrounds to achieve a unique and personal look.
— American Art Collector Magazine